Showroom Coming Soon

InnoTerraTech will be opening a showroom at its head office in 2018 to provide technical equipment and supplies to the construction and mining industries.


Mine Planning
and Design

Our team is fully qualified to support you at all stages of your mine planning efforts.

Technical Support

Fill crucial expertise gaps at any point in your project cycle with InnoTerraTech specialists.

UAV Solutions

Collect high-quality images and 3D data in a fraction of the time, without compromising safety.


Utilize our expertise, innovative equipment and data processing capabilities to meet your surveying needs.



InnoTerraTech is equipped with the expertise, latest industry data collection equipment and processing software to help your team execute, monitor, and support your mining projects, from permitting to planning & design, throughout all operations, and into the rehabilitation process.


InnoTerraTech is built on knowledge and experience from years of actively managing open pit mining and construction projects, giving us the technical expertise and operational experience to help your team on- and off-site. Uniquely positioned to provide engineering support, we can help develop your projects at the stages of feasibility, planning, costing, operations and rehabilitation.


InnoTerraTech’s advantage in this industry is our extensive experience and network of experts with skills and knowledge spanning the scope of aggregates and quarry operations. InnoTerraTech has become a leading provider of innovative UAV data collection services.


InnoTerraTech is perfectly suited to help your forest management program in a variety of ways, utilizing the same principles that yield success in any other resource management exercise. Through accountable planning and management practices, we can help your team achieve the greatest levels of success throughout your operations.