Founded in 2016, InnoTerraTech is a Northern Ontario-based company that brings value in many integral areas of mining and civil engineering technical services along with many other industries such as oil & gas, environmental, forestry, etc. Our versatility in these industries is unparalleled in the region. We provide technical expertise that comes from 15 years of on-the-ground experience across the industry, along with innovative tools. We integrate our core values and guiding principles to every project, along with the added value of agility, professionalism and real-world perspective.


Simon Ranger is the President and founder of InnoTerraTech. His extensive experience in mining, civil construction and resource management since 2003 has given him the foresight and vision to embrace the new technologies disrupting the heavy mining and construction industry. Through the years, his experience as a surveyor, planner and project manager, Simon identified some the inefficiencies that plagued the industry, which is why InnoTerraTech was born.


By forging partnerships with industry experts within our professional network, we bring a unique approach by working closely with your team to meet your project requirements at the stages of feasibility, planning, costing, operations, and through to project completion or closure.  We also provide technical support to fill crucial expertise gaps throughout many projects such as increased workloads and ever-changing technical requirements encountered regularly in the industry.


InnoTerraTech is equipped with a variety of innovative tools and technologies, such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Using the latest industry surveying equipment and engineering software, we can help your organization collect and process high volumes of accurate data safely and efficiently to better envision, develop, execute and monitor various projects.